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Hair Extensions 


When you buy a Crisace hair extension system, you know that you are investing in a world-class product. Crisace hair extensions are reusable, made from the highest quality material, and will last for a long time, if maintained properly. With a goal of manufacturing a variety of products to meet a variety of needs, Crisace – Professional Hair Enhancement Systems offers hair extension systems that are made from the highest quality Remy human hair as well as those made from a high quality and affordable synthetic material. Crisace hair extension products come in many different shades and colors including some blends and fantasy colors.


All of the Crisace products come pre-packaged and ready to install.


Types of Crisace Professional Hair Enhancement Systems


Ready2Go Cold Fusion Hair Extensions


Ready2Go hair extensions are made from 100% AAA quality Remy human hair. These hair extensions are reusable and are installed using a revolutionary cold fusion technology. The hair extensions can be installed quickly by a professional stylist, and after installation, the hair lays down flat, which makes it nearly impossible for anyone to see.
Ready2Go should be installed by a trained hair professional as it is important to attach the extensions properly to the hair. When properly installed, the strips will last up to 20 washes or around 4-8 weeks. This cold fusion hair extension system is safe and non damaging for natural hair, as it will not cause damage, breakage, or severe strain on the hair.


Hair2Go Clip In Hair Extensions


Hair2Go is one of the most affordable synthetic hair extension options as these extensions are made from an innovative temperature resistant synthetic fiber that mimics human hair. Hair2Go is a clip in system that is guaranteed to last for a long time if proper care procedures are followed. These hair extension systems are available in full head kits, bangs, and sides. The full head hair extension kit comes with a set of instructions and can be put on in just 5 minutes, while the sides and the bangs can be clipped on in seconds.


Celeb2Go 100% Human Hair Clip In Extensions


Celeb2Go is a reusable, clip-on hair extension system made using 100% AAA Remy hair. This luxury hair extension system, can give you celebrity like hair in minutes. You can install and remove the hair extension yourself without the help of a hair professional. Celeb2Go is available in eight basic shades and two blends in both full head kits and sides.

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